4 Ways to Squeeze In More Reading in College


I love reading. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve devoured books at an unnaturally quick speed. And as a student of library and information science, I’m lucky that my coursework frequently has me reading really interesting books. (Though that’s definitely not the case in all my classes…) But that definitely wasn’t the case for me in undergrad and I very rarely read for pleasure during those four years.

Falling out of regular reading (massive amounts of Torchwood fan fiction excluded) during college is one of my big college regrets. It took me some time to get back into it after graduation. Now that I’m in grad school I go back and forth between reading everything I can get my hands on and not touching anything that isn’t required for school.

I know that finding time to read when you’re super busy can be a struggle. And if it isn’t one of your priorities, that’s entirely up to you. But if you’re a bookworm, there are ways to squeeze in some extra reading during the day. Here are a few things that have helped me find some reading time during busy stretches.

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Coping With Stress In and Out of School


So my posting and all blog-related activity slowed down significantly the past couple weeks. My husband and I are both in the final stages of our master’s degree programs, which is great, but incredibly busy. On top of that, we’re dealing with work, family situations, and a teething nine month old. So basically, it’s been a stressful month.

While I’m not always successful, I try my best to keep the stress at least somewhat under control. Different things work at different times so if you’re in a similar boat, give them all a shot.

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Things to Remember After College

things to remember after college

It’s a weird feeling, watching everybody go back to college after you’ve left. The college is continuing the exact same way it always has, but your life has completely changed. The good news is that while there are plenty of things you can’t avoid, you ultimately decide whether you’re going to make your life a happy one. Some things to remember:

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5 Ways to Make Money in College

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ways to make money in college

The broke college kid is a cliche for a reason. If you’re on campus, chances are that your immediate needs are met. You have a dorm to sleep in and a meal plan. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need money. And while it might seem difficult to squeeze in some money-making between classes, it’s far from impossible.

These jobs might not let you avoid taking out student loans, but they’ll at least buy you a six pack this weekend and maybe let you have a little stashed away just in case.

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