5 Things to Do When Moving to a New City


You did it! The last of the boxes are in and you’re officially moved into a brand new city. It can be a lonely, intimidating beginning to a new chapter in your life, but there are a few things you can do to make this transition a little easier.

Find the essentials

You don’t technically even need to leave your apartment for this one. Find the nearest police station, hospital, and pharmacy. When the time comes to use any of these services, you want to be able to get to them quickly.

Also look for your own personal essentials. These will depend on your needs. For example, find your subway station or bus stop and see if there are any alternative ways to get where you need to be. Basically, find everything you need in order to get smoothly through a typical day.

Go out

Even if you’re still exhausted and overwhelmed from moving, take a shower and get out of your apartment. The quickest way to make a new city feel like home is to have some fun. Go find a new cafe or check out the local music scene. Soon you’ll find something that’ll anchor you into the local community.

Get your new home set up

Once you get back from your exploration, get your apartment set up. Hang your decorations and fill your fridge with groceries. Make yourself a cozy home base and everything else will feel much less stressful.

Explore on foot

Even if you’re in a quiet residential neighborhood, take some time to walk around and get to know your immediate neighborhood. The exercise will help you relax and the immediacy of walking, as opposed to driving, will bring you closer to your new home.

Learn the rules

Take a little time to check out your new city’s website. Learn the rules for street parking, trash pickup, snow emergencies, and anything else that could get you in trouble. The information is there, so there’s no excuse for not knowing. Look now so that you have peace of mind later.

Moving can be terrifying, but it’s also a chance to branch out or start over. Do you have any other ideas for settling into a new city? Let me know in the comments!

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