3 Current Reads (and What’s Next on my TBR Pile!)

books i'm reading and next in tbr

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I love to read. Even though I’m not working in libraries anymore, I always have at least one book going, write for book websites, and hope to eventually start my own book podcast. So I decided it would be fun to give you a snapshot of what my reading life looks like at this moment. So here are three titles I’m currently reading and three that are on deck.

(Please note that when it comes to books, I’m flaky as hell. So this will very likely change within thirty seconds of me posting this entry.)

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My 5 Must-Have Phone Apps

My 5 Must-Have phone apps

We’ve reached a point with technology where the apps on someone’s phone can tell you as much about them as the books they have on their shelf. I’m constantly going through my phone’s apps, trying new ones and weeding out the ones that don’t work for me. I’ve reviewed and tested apps for various companies over the past few years, so between that and exploring a variety of hobbies, I’ve discovered which ones I consider my own must-have phone apps.

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3 Lush Favorites (From a Recent Convert!)

recent lush favorites

It’s only recently I’ve taken a real interest in makeup and personal care products. For a variety reasons I started going to malls again in 2017 and made a point of going to the Lush store whenever one was available. Going into the stores is such a heady experience with all the smells and colors. Over the past few months, it’s been really fun experimenting and seeing what products work best for my skin. So here are my thoughts on some of the products I’ve used and enjoyed.

(Note the links aren’t affiliate links. I’m not affiliated with Lush in any way, just a fan.)

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January Spotify Playlist

January Spotify Playlist

My old job got me hooked on Spotify. They offered it for free, I used it some (mostly for my son’s lullaby playlist), then when I left the job I caved and got a paid subscription. And I’m going to get as much use out of it as I possibly can.

So here’s the first of what will be a monthly Spotify playlist based on what I’ve been into lately.

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6 Amazing Audio Dramas You Need to Listen To

six amazing audio dramas

2017 was the year I got super into podcasts. Especially audio dramas. I listened to Welcome to Nightvale for a while three or four years ago, but then kind of lost interest. Then last year I stumbled across audio drama discussions on Twitter and it changed my life.

There are some amazing stories being told completely in an audio format. And the best part is that I can multitask in ways I can’t while reading or watching TV. So I can listen to hours and hours guilt free because I’m also doing dishes or driving while I’m absorbed in the story.

There’s an overwhelming number of great audio dramas out there, but I wanted to share my current six favorites. So brace yourself and check the storage on your phone because you’re going to want to spend some time with these.

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My 5 Favorite Things About Winter

My 5 Favorite Things About (1)


Winter can be terrible. It’s freezing, my car has that heart-in-throat moment when it stutters before turning on, and my skin is so dry I feel like it’s going to crack every time I move. Ever since I got to experience the joy that was living in Boston for the winter of 2015, I’ve felt a sense of dread as winter rolls around. But this year, I’m trying to focus on the positives and truly embrace every season. So with that spirit in mind, here are a few of the best things about winter:

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