Reflections on One Month of My Bullet Journal

Reflections on one month of

I adore organization tools, productivity blogs, and pretty much anything that promises to help me balance my life as a parent, freelancer, budding entrepreneur, and owner of a zillion hobbies. But for some reason, up until last month, I never tried bullet journaling. I’d seen them everywhere online and thought they were beautiful. But I was so overwhelmed by the intricate, artistic journals I saw on Pinterest. But with the new year and the restart of a lot of projects, I decided to give bullet journaling a try. Here are my reflections after a month of beginning bullet journaling.

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Marigold Ale Does the #SplendidBloggers Challenge

Last week I was tagged by the wonderful @carolineosbel to participate in her wonderful #splendidbloggers tag! I’m just getting back into serious blogging after a long time away, so I’m very excited to participate and interact with other bloggers! This is a little different from the other content on my blog, but still a lot of fun!

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4 Advantages of Working From Home

Advantages of Working from Home

Working from home can be great. I did it for the first time when I was in my early twenties, doing contractor work part-time for a publishing company based out of the Berkshires. I eventually got laid off and went back to working outside the house until my son was born. Now, after a few false starts, I’m back to trying to launch a business working from home.

While it definitely has its disadvantages, working at home can be pretty awesome for a number of reasons.

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5 Ways to Perk Up Your Morning Coffee

5 Ways to Perk Up Your Morning Coffee


We all know that making coffee at home is one of the most popular frugal living tips. And it’s true, you can brew your own cup for pennies compared to buying it at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. But what they don’t tell you is how BORING homebrewed coffee can be if you don’t take the time to pretty it up a little. Sometimes having it black or adding a scoop of sugar and a splash of milk are all you need, but other times you crave a little more.

So in order to save you the guilt-ridden trip to Starbucks (though by all means, splurge sometimes!) here are a few ways to perk up your coffee from home.

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