4 Advantages of Working From Home

Advantages of Working from Home

Working from home can be great. I did it for the first time when I was in my early twenties, doing contractor work part-time for a publishing company based out of the Berkshires. I eventually got laid off and went back to working outside the house until my son was born. Now, after a few false starts, I’m back to trying to launch a business working from home.

While it definitely has its disadvantages, working at home can be pretty awesome for a number of reasons.

You set your own schedule

I guess this one may not be true for everybody, but it is for a lot of at-home workers. This time I’m not working for a company so I work whenever I want or can. But even last time, I would generally work at the same time as the people in the office. However, I wasn’t required to do so. Setting your own schedule allows you to incorporate your work into the rest of your life, rather than scheduling the rest of your life around work.


You can avoid shitty weather

I used to stress so hard about driving to work or home from work in the snow. Working from home means that unless there’s snow between your bedroom and home office (a serious problem you should probably address if that’s the case) the outside world does not affect your work plans.


You can wear whatever you want

I personally don’t feel fully awake until I’m dressed. Clean clothes, bra on, brushed teeth, and usually a little makeup. Even if I’m not planning on leaving the house, dressing like I’m starting my day makes me actually feel ready to start the day.

However, that’s just me. And that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to get dressed if you really don’t want to. Or you can wear jeans every day. Or yoga pants or a bathrobe. Doesn’t matter, no one is going to see you.


You have access to your kitchen

I’m spoiled by this. I used to forget my lunch just about every day, getting a phone call from my husband as I was pulling onto the highway. But if you’re working from home you can just go to your kitchen and make whatever you want to eat. You also don’t have to worry about sharing the microwave or anybody judging you for the smell of your lunch.


What else is great about working from home? Leave your work-at-home victories in the comments!

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