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Marigold Ale is primarily aimed at college students and recent college grads. Here you’ll find tips and advice on issues big and small as you make your way in the world. Everybody’s twenties are different and it can be huge and terrifying and overwhelming. But it can also be amazing. So I’m here to help nudge your experience into the amazing category as much as possible.

That said, a lot of the things I discuss here on the site can be applied at any stage in your life. So if college is long behind you or isn’t part of your game plan, you’ll still find all kinds of information that you can hopefully apply to your everyday life.

Also, be aware that this site does contain affiliate links. You can read my affiliate policy HERE. Basically, it just means that if you purchase anything through a link on my site, I make a small commission. So if you like what I’m doing here and want to support it, you can do so by purchasing through the links provided. Thanks!

About me

Hi, I’m Amanda.



Here’s a few things to know about me:

I graduated from college in 2011. I was a music major, focusing on music history and composition with the intention to become a librarian. I’m currently a few credits away from earning a Master’s of Library and Information Science.

I’ve worked a bunch of different jobs. Mostly libraries over the past few years, but also food service, hospitality, retail, and publishing. Currently I blog and freelance from home while finishing my master’s and raising my son.

I am a passionate reader. My favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams. My favorite series is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Oddly enough, I don’t consider myself a huge fan of or widely versed in fantasy. But prepare yourself for a ton of book recommendations on this blog.

If by chance you follow the Massachusetts local music scene, you might know me from my previous blog, Ten Miles. And if you did follow that, thanks for your support, I had a blast.

I drink more seltzer than should be humanly possible. I don’t know if that makes me impressive or the most boring person alive.

I love meeting new people. So don’t be shy about emailing or contacting me on social media.


Enjoy the site and get in touch with any questions or comments you might have!

Surviving and Thriving In College and Beyond

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