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7 Tips to Tackle Your Research Paper

It’s that time. Syllabi were handed out and you saw the MAJOR PAPER: 50% OF FINAL GRADE notice on it. While it might be one of the last assignments due, don’t put it off. A major research paper needs to be taken in chunks, spread out over the allotted time.

Last spring I tackled my master’s research paper, the final part of my MLIS program. It was the most complicated paper I’ve ever written and took an entire academic year from start to finish. Here are some of the ways I made it through with a successful paper and my sanity intact.

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Saturday Roundup: 8/20/16

Saturday Round-Up marigold ale

Marigold Ale launched nearly three weeks ago and I can’t believe everything that’s happened in that time. I’ve connected with so many great people, read everything I can find about blogging, and picked up a regular freelancing gig because of my blog.

My summer course finished up last night and I have a week until my fall course and final graduate elective begins, so I’m looking forward to a little time off to spend with my family and work on establishing Marigold Ale more.

So for this post, I figured I’d do a roundup of the past few weeks of things I’ve written, loved, and shared. So here are some links for your lazy Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

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10 Tips for an Amazing First Semester

10 Tips for An Amazing First Semester

First semester of freshman year can be terrifying. You go from living at home with your family and the friends you’ve had since you were little to suddenly having to fend for yourself in an unfamiliar environment. My first day of college was blazing hot and I remember saying goodbye to my parents, sitting on my new bed, and just listening to the noise of the campus coming in through my dorm room window and open door. This was finally college, after years of dreaming about it.

Your first semester can really set the tone for your whole college career. Once the novelty of living in the dorms and going to class wears off, you’re still living in the dorms and going to class. So you need to find ways to stay focused and motivated through the term. These are ten tips to help you get off to an awesome start in college.

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Get Pumped: 5 Quick Tips to Jump Start Your Motivation

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Motivation is such a tricky thing. Even getting motivated to write this article is somewhat of a challenge. I love writing, but it’s hot in my apartment, my baby is teething, and I’ve got a final project and exam to get ready for this week. And I’m not exactly motivated for that last one either. Sometimes you need to do something to jump start your motivation. Here are a few ideas to help you get motivated for schoolwork or any other task in your life.

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