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7 Books You Should Read After College

7 Books You Should Read After College

I graduated from college five years ago, a fact I can’t always wrap my head around. That afternoon, I left my graduation ceremony and drove west on the Mass Pike toward the rural apartment I’d been gradually moving into over the past week. My first post-college job, counter help at the deli of a tiny grocery store, had absolutely nothing to do with my degree. I was living over a hundred miles away from my tight-knit family with no clue what I was going to do with the rest of my life. But it was time to sink or swim. In times like these, books can be a comfort. They can show you different ways of thinking about your circumstance, show you what might be coming, or just let you know you aren’t alone.

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6 Books You Should Read Before Your First Day of College


(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was previously posted when this site was The site had a big of a meltdown mid-transition, so this article needed to be reposted.)

Looking at this list, I realize the main reason I didn’t read them before starting college was because none of them were actually published before 2007. Whoops. But here’s a list of eight books I wish I had read before I left for college and highly recommend incoming freshmen check out before arriving at the dorms. There’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction on here, so you should be able to find something either for the recent grad in your life or for yourself as you check your college to-do list one more time.

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