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7 Tips to Tackle Your Research Paper

It’s that time. Syllabi were handed out and you saw the MAJOR PAPER: 50% OF FINAL GRADE notice on it. While it might be one of the last assignments due, don’t put it off. A major research paper needs to be taken in chunks, spread out over the allotted time.

Last spring I tackled my master’s research paper, the final part of my MLIS program. It was the most complicated paper I’ve ever written and took an entire academic year from start to finish. Here are some of the ways I made it through with a successful paper and my sanity intact.

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6 Books You Should Read Before Your First Day of College


(Note: If this article looks familiar, it’s because it was previously posted when this site was www.booksinthepassengerseat.com. The site had a big of a meltdown mid-transition, so this article needed to be reposted.)

Looking at this list, I realize the main reason I didn’t read them before starting college was because none of them were actually published before 2007. Whoops. But here’s a list of eight books I wish I had read before I left for college and highly recommend incoming freshmen check out before arriving at the dorms. There’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction on here, so you should be able to find something either for the recent grad in your life or for yourself as you check your college to-do list one more time.

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