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6 Tips for Surviving Post-Meal Plan

Meal plans. To some college students, they’re God’s gift, allowing you to eat as much food as you want from the campus dining hall. To others they’re a curse, a mandatory expense that only allows you to eat food you don’t like and know is going to make you sick afterward. But regardless of which camp you fall into, the idea of leaving your meal plan behind can be intimidating. Here are a few tips to keep you healthy and full once you’re no longer eating campus food.

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How to Rock the Farmer’s Market on a Budget


How to Rock the Farmer's Market on a Budget (1)

Farmer’s markets are like a mix of everything people our age care about. They’re local, artisan, and they’re packed with all sorts of healthy and/or delicious foods. The only downside is that farmers markets can be pretty expensive. So you may have been shying away from going to your local market or maybe it never even occurred to you to check one out.

That’s how it was for me until about a year ago, when I moved from Boston to a nearby city and did some exploring on a Saturday morning. Now I’m totally in love with farmers markets, despite the fact that I don’t exactly have a Whole Foods budget. But with a little thought, you can make your local farmer’s market a beloved part of your summer and autumn.
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