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7 Tips to Tackle Your Research Paper

It’s that time. Syllabi were handed out and you saw the MAJOR PAPER: 50% OF FINAL GRADE notice on it. While it might be one of the last assignments due, don’t put it off. A major research paper needs to be taken in chunks, spread out over the allotted time.

Last spring I tackled my master’s research paper, the final part of my MLIS program. It was the most complicated paper I’ve ever written and took an entire academic year from start to finish. Here are some of the ways I made it through with a successful paper and my sanity intact.

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5 Ways to Use Your Library (that You Might Not Know About)

5 Ways to Use Your Public Library (that You Might Not Know)

The public library. You may have gone there for story time as a kid, but haven’t set foot in one since. Or you may have spent some hours there in high school, scrambling for print sources for a research paper. You may even be a user now. If you’re in college or just out, you’re probably looking for ways to save what little money you have. and your local library can be such a huge resource in so many ways. So dig out your library card. Here are just a few tips to help you utilize your local library in ways you might not have ever considered.

(Note that availability and policies will be different from library to library. So check with your friendly local librarians if you have any questions.)


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